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700ml Automatic Sensor Soap Dispenser Touchless Wall Mount Liquid Gel Hand Wash


【Versatility 】- The wall mounted soap dispenser is perfect for bathrooms, kitchens and laundry room, hotel, hospital, restaurant, office, schools, clinics and applicable to all-purpose brands of liquid soap, dish soap, body lotion, shampoo, make sure the soap is not too thick.
【Touchless Experience】 - The automatic soap dispemser with smart motion infrared sensor provides you a sanitary, no-touch and easy-to-use experience without excessive spillages.NOTE: When installing over countertop, please make sure the placement height should be more than 8 inch to 12inch.
【No Messy Spills 】- The dispensing valve cuts off the soap completely after pumping and prevents dripping; the automatic soap pump helps reduce mess and spread of germs.
【Energy Efficiency & Space Saving】 - 4 AA-size batteries (not included) will allow you to enjoy hands-free soap dispensing for up to a year before having to change batteries. Ultra Large Capacity - 600ml (21 fl.oz) will spare your precious time and frequency of refilling it and allow you to buy your favorite liquids in bulk to lower your cost and wall mount design allows you to save space naturally.

Material: ABS, AS
Quantity: 1 pc
Item Color: As shown
Max Capacity: 700ml
Drop Volume: 1ml / times
Effect Distance: 0-10cm
Battery: 4*1.5V AA battery (not included)
Static Current: 60uA
Rated Current: 120mA
Size: 11*10*16.5cm / 4.3*3.9*6.5"
Net Weight: 0.425kg / 15oz

1. Choose a suitable position to mount the dispenser on the wall, sensor system is at the bottom of the dispenser; please keep 50cm free space at least under the sensor system.
2. Slide the fix plate out of the dispenser, use this plate as a template to mark three drill spots.
3. Drill two 5mm holes, and then insert the platic plugs.

1. Do not install the dispenser with less than 2" (5cm) height beneath the table.
2. This dispenser is design for indoor use only. Direct sunlight or exposed locations can destroy the IR sensor of the product.
3. Do not use the alcohol or other chemistry liquid.
4. This soap dispenser is not waterproof.

1. Power: Ensure properly power supply.
2. Sensor: Does the sensor light work? The sensor has a sound? If all is yes, the machine's components are good.
3. Liquid outlet: The product can only put liquid like household dishwashing liquid. It must be a liquid that can flow freely.
Liquid like a gel will easily cause a clogging of the liquid outlet tube so that liquid could not come out.

How to solve?
(1) Pour out the original liquid soap.
(2) Dilute your liquid soap with water, warm water can be used too.
(3) Dredge the liquid outlet pipe with a thimble

1*Wall-Mounted soap dispenser
1*Mounted accessories
1*User manual

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