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Model: VC89--3.5'' TFT wireless backup camera+SD    Name: 3.5'' BLUETOOTH HANDSFREE CAR KIT WITH TTS   
Product Description

3.5inch Rearview mirror


Bluetooth handsfree car kit  


Wireless back-up camera


SD card Player


Model: VC89(plsy SD card music)

Less than 10mm.ultrathin appearance!

weight: 290g


1: Super light and thin-the thinnest and lightest Bluetooth rearview mirror car kit with monitoring camera on the market
2: Discreet-blends into your car's interior whilst providing wireless handsfree functionality and monitoring
3: Built-in microphone with DSP (Digital Signal Processing) noise and echo cancellation
4: Two speakers so you can hear callers loud and clear
5: High quality 3.5" TFT LCD color display caller's ID and name
6: Display outgoing call number
7: Report caller ID (language optional)
8: Sync with your mobile's phonebook(500conacts)
9: Wireless back-up camera, visual angle 1200, waterproof design
10: Camera color CMOS (CCD optional)
11: FM modulation to transfer voice and music to car radio(87.5~108MHZ)
12: Wireless earphone

13: SD card plyer

Packing specification:


NW: 8.1KG

GW: 8.9KG

measure: 35.6cm*37.7cm*32.2cm

products's size: 298mm*80mm*6mm

packing box size: 13.3cm*6cm*2.5cm

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