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Voicecar technology support : installation camera
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installation camera:

NOTE: camera installation on diesel vehicles requires special wiring

Caution: the camera will be mounted on the back of your license plate with the cables connected and ready to set up the wireless signal booster.

1) locate the reverse tail lights wiring in your trunk or rear hatch.you may need to remove the interior panel in order to locate.you only need to attach the signal booster power wire to ONE of the tail lights.not both , if you connot manually locate the tail lights cables . pls contact the vehicle manufacturer or reference a wiring diagram for your vehicle.

2) at your tail light , remove the light bulb socket from the reverse light housing .

3) plug attached wire from the camera into the wireless signal booster.ensure that the wires are not tangled

4) you are now ready to test the camera

5) while sitting in the driver's seat of the car with the key in the accessory position. turn on the rearview mirror .the mirror will automatically start when connected to a power source.

6) put the vehicle in reverse.if you have a clear picture put the vehicle back in park and turn the key to off position.you are now ready for final steps.

7) take the wireless signal booster and using the double sided.attach the box to the inside of your car

8) replace the light socket back into the reverse lights housing

9) replace any interior panels which may have been remove to access the tail light and close your trunk or rear hatch

10) standing with the license plate in one hand and the camera in the other hand,slid the camera along the top of the license plate in order to determine the placement .best placement is the center of license plate.if you have a rear hatch handle you may need to remove the camera bracket upside down and reattach to the camera.you would then mount the camera from the button of the license plate.

11) peel off the lining to the double sided tape already attached to the camera and press firmly to the license plate to secure the camera.make sure the back of the license plate is clear before attachig double sided tape.

12) press the license plate and the camera mounting firmly to the car to secure and get full connect between the license plate with double sided tape.screw the license plate back onto the  rear of your vehicle

13) once license plate and camera are secure.you can adjust the vertical angle of the camera to your special need

14)  as a last check .note the position of the view from the camera when you place vehicle in reverse.anjust the angle of the camera as necessary to achieve the best rear view

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